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Altrusa is a network of clubs that each serve their community. Our clubs are free to determine their own service projects and fundraising efforts, tailored to local needs.

The members of our clubs, known as Altrusans, are energetic, service-minded people of all ages and ethnicities. Most of us are women, as Altrusa was founded in 1917 as a women’s organization, but we have welcomed men to our membership for over a decade.

To learn more about Altrusa, find your nearest club on the map below.


Altrusa Districts

District One
Bermuda, Connecticut,
Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Quebec
District Two
Pennsylvania, New York,
District of Columbia,
Virginia, West Virginia,
District Seven
Iowa, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Nebraska,
North Dakota,
South Dakota
District Twelve
Oregon, Washington,
Montana, Idaho,
British Columbia,

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