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Month: February 2018

District Eleven

District Eleven

Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Sonora, Mexico  

District Twelve

Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska

District Fourteen

District Fourteen

Puerto Rico      

District Fifteen

District Fifteen

New Zealand      

Deanna Sargent, Altrusa International of Ames, Iowa, USA

I like that we can give of our talents, time or treasure. Some service organizations only focus on one of them.

Parvathy Viswanath, Altrusa International of Madras, India

The simplicity and the ease with which Altrusans serve made me choose Altrusa.

Fiona Davies, Altrusa International of Queenstown, New Zealand

With Altrusa it is flexible with what you’ve got going on in your life, to help out more sometimes and less at other times when you’re busy.

Dr Morgan Ellis DDS, Altrusa International of Lake City, Florida, USA

Altrusa is different from other service organizations in that it is diverse. Men and women from a rainbow of ethnicities who collectively share an interest in making a difference in some way to their community.  

Jan Weir, Altrusa International of Nanaimo, BC, Canada

I choose Altrusa because of its focus on literacy. I want to give folks who are struggling a hand-up by providing educational opportunities. I believe literacy and education are essential in stepping out of poverty.

Silvia D’Jaen Silverman, Altrusa International of Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

Silvia Silverman

I chose Altrusa because I wanted to do something useful and help those less fortunate in the community. I always say “I joined for the service and I stayed for the friendships”.